My work is developed in different two-dimensional media, such as drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. I am interested in exploring the characteristics of the process particular to each medium. The method by which the work is produced offers me and the audience a parallel way for understand it. Thinking of the work from a figurative perspective, what we consider the subject matter of my pieces is always related to the  undertaking of the work. Together they conform the message that I want to bring across.

My interest in media is based on the increasing influence of the internet over our lives and how this has forced us to live under a constant skeptical attitude. Acknowledging the existence of Fake News represent only a portion of the lies we have to learn to discard when looking at screens.

My work departs from my personal experience. As a consequence of living in diametrically different cities I developed an interest in urban landscape. Commonly, I focus my work on the opposing dualities embedded in our cities. I am concerned with showing the ambivalence of being simultaneously attracted and repulsed by a physical space or a social phenomenon, or being scared and at the same time fascinated by it.

Although my work departs from my personal experience, it is only concerned with aspects of my life through which I can relate to society. For this reason, my art production is an attempt at answering what is my role as an artist in a problematic world.


Babel 2017-2019

Chale! 2016-2019

Miquiztetl 2013 - 2017

Counterfactual 2013 - 2016

Surflaneur 2010 - 2016