How can we use fiction as a tool to reflect on the social problems of reality?


a.- What is the point of studying a medium that has failed due to its inability to deal with reality?

From the perspective of media theory, the emergence of the photographic medium meant painting and drawing lost their ability to portray reality in an objective way. In this sense, as an artist and inhabitant of one of the most unequal cities on the planet, I continually ask myself the following questions: In what way can I use drawing and painting to expose the social problems that I witness and participate in? Wouldn’t this be something that can only be achieved from the trench of documentary photography? How can I continue drawing and painting in order to expose the power structures that shape cities? How can I approach reality while simultaneously showing awareness of the limitations of the medium I use for this purpose?


b.- Is there a reliable medium for adressing reality?

With the advent of digital technology and image manipulation software, photography lost its apparent ability to act as objective evidence.

On the other hand, despite the fact that Internet access is still far from being universal, the exponential increase in users has managed to de-monopolize the mass media. As a consequence of this, the mass media lost their apparent credibility and now, more frequently than before, we are faced with the uncertainty of the veracity of the information to which we are exposed.

How can I use my art work to bring into light the mechanisms of fiction under which art and communication operate?